About HC

New River Gorge, July 2010

Red Rocks, January 2010

Summersville Lake, 2009

Summersville Lake, July 2009

About HC

Homo Climbtastic hosts the world’s largest queer-friendly climbing convention, annually in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

By queer, that includes bisexuals, lesbians, ambisexuals, gays, trans’es, questioners, not quite straight people, amphibians with crushes on cephalopods, or however you define yourself.  You don’t even have to be queer.  You can be straight as a motha-fuckin arrow.  Maybe you’re just tired of climbing with brahs.  “Hey brah!”  “Hey!”  “I’m workin’ this problem, and I know I’ll get it next time, after I do some hand exercises.”  “Yeah brah?”  “Yeah.”  If we’re straight-friendly enough for Chris Sierzant, we’re straight-friendly enough for you.  (Warning: this is not an endorsement from, or endorsement of, Chris Sierzant.)

Rob on Cat in the Hat, Red Rocks – January 2010

HC members climb everything from moderate to hella badass and talk about really perverse things and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  So, if you enjoy leading while quoting SNL, amnesia inducing vaginal orgasms, and frank discussions about the possible merits of using Nutella as lube, then join us!  And if you’re not quite ready for that yet, then put yourself on a steady training schedule of climbing and John Waters films.  We’ll wait!

To see what we’re up to, click the Join link up top.  If you’ve never climbed before or have only top roped, you’ll need to learn a few more tricks before you can join the fun.  We can hook you up with some instruction, particularly if you live close to any of the HC leaders or a local LGBT climbing club.

If you want to write to us, check out the contact us page for contact information.

If you want more info about what kind of people are in our club, see the FAQ.

5 thoughts on “About HC

  1. Fella’s, I get your newsletters because I had been search for news on my high school mentor Craig Pack a few years ago (Was hoping to see him in one of the above pictures, but no dice.) . Thanks to you and yours, I think I found out about him passing away, but I did not get any specifics. Craig was the older brother of my best friend Keith Pack. I had left home at the age of 16 and Craig’s mom Pat convinced my grandparents that living with her and her two sons would be in everybody’s best interest. Although I am what you classify as “straight as a mutha-fuckin arrow”, I was raised (Craig helped in that respect, one way or another) knowing that regardless of race, creed color, or sexual preference, there are going to be bullies and ass-holes everywhere. Having a battle of whits with bullies and ass-holes has always been one of my favorite pastimes, since they are usually unarmed. Although Craig and I lived different lifestyles, we both had a love for the outdoors and doing what was right. He was also there for me when I lost my older brother to HIV in the summer of 93 and assured me that regardless of one’s lifestyle, shit happens… even to good people. I started writing this post just to wish you all the very best and good climbing, but kind of started rambling, so please know that there are people out here who just love to see people having a great time and wish you all the best.
    Much love,
    David McGillis

  2. Finally. I was wondering when or if this type of organization would ever be started. It’s a breath of fresh air in a climbing world that has more than a little homophobia. As a straight male climber, I may not relate entirely, but I certainly like seeing the climbing community open up like this. Cheers and happy climbing!

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