Sandrock, AL

Also known as Cherokee Rock Village, Rock City, Sand Rock, and Little Rock City, the most common verbal name for it is “Sandrock.”  Just don’t expect to see that written on any signs.

Here’s the Google satellite map of the area.  You can see on the map that it is at the end of “Rock City Avenue.”

Camping is free and you can camp anywhere you want.  There are two porta potties, and the parking is literally thirty seconds from the climbing.  As a result, the place is crowded on weekends.  Expect people to smoke while climbing and drink while belaying.  It’s a dry county, so if you want to do the same, you’ll need to pick it up beforehand, and do it on the sly if the popo are around.

The guidebook is the Dixie Cragger’s Atlas.

Sandrock is probably more beginner friendly than Foster Falls. It’s like mars, hot as balls in the summer and cold in the winter. The rock formations are cool and the routes are technical and fun.  There’s a spot where you can leap over an 80 foot deep ravine, which I will never do again.

More info about Sandrock is available from Flatliners.

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