Red River Gorge, KY

RRG is a world-class climbing destination with high friction sandstone located near Slade, Kentucky. RRG is best known for awesome, tough sport climbing (up to 5.14), but is home to plenty of trad lines as well. You can find all styles of climbing in The Red and more routes than you can do in a lifetime. This crag is popular with HC members, especially us from Michigan and Georgia. The best time to hit The Red is during the fall and spring. Summers are great too, but it can be ungodly hot and humid. So, if you like marinating in your own juices, then summers at The Red are for you. You can almost always find someone heading here during the regular climbing season.


Most of us prefer Land of the Arches.  The location is great, and more convenient to most of the climbing areas than the other campgrounds.  There’s a self-check in, a huge hangar you can sleep under if you can’t pack a tent, and best of all, the owner put up one of our fliers.

Other places: True North Outfitters Hostel (, LagoLinda Hideaway (


Red River Gorge Rock Climbs by Ray Ellington, 2nd Ed. (An updated version from Wolverine publishing will be coming out Summer ’10)

Web site beta: owned by Ray and Michelle Ellington keeps up to date information on climbing in the Red.

Michelle Ellington with HC. Photo by Elodie Saracco

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