Leda, TN

The crew at Leda shortly before nightfall

The crew at Leda shortly before nightfall

Also called Leeda.  Leda is accessible from Montlake road.  Here’s a terrain map of the area from Google. When heading uphill on Montlake road, the closest parking spot for Leda is the third pulloff after the first hairpin turn.  It is the second pulloff where you could comfortably park a car, so guidebooks may refer to it as the second pulloff.  The easiest way to make sure you found the right one is to look for the climbing stickers people have stuck on the guard rail there.  Walk downhill for about 30 seconds and you’ll see the trail.  The trail is no longer faint, and is obviously developed.

A free topo is available from Dr. Topo.

Leda can get crowded on weekends.

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