Alyson at Summersville Lake

Alyson at Summersville Lake

Tell me about the upcoming trip to XYZ!

Details about an upcoming trip are linked off of the front page and posted on our Facebook club’s wall.  The information on this particular page is broader and applies to all trips.  If you haven’t been on a trip before and are considering it, you should definitely be on this page too.

I’ve never been on an HC trip before.  Should I go? What should I know? What do I need?

(Note that for smaller trips organized by members through our forums/wall postings, anything goes.  This information is for our conventions.)

  1. First make sure you fit the general trip requirements.
  2. Make sure you have the required goods listed on the equipment list. If traveling makes it difficult for you to bring all your gear, contact other attendees to see what you can borrow.
  3. Register for the trip!  Registering may involve sending us an accommodation fee, giving us an emergency contact to call when you get eaten by bears, signing a negligence waiver, and giving permission to use your organs for my avant garde art project, “kidneys: a diorama.”  The registration form will be linked off the trip’s info page once it’s ready.  Also we’ll message everyone in the Facebook group that registration is open.
  4. If there’s nothing going on, post to the discussion board or message some nearby HC leaders about where you want to go. They can hype your trip, invite their friends, join you, etc.
  5. If you want further reading or have more questions, there’s also the trip FAQ

During climbing season, we all get out pretty regularly, but generally don’t bother posting about every trip. So, the best way to go climbing with us sooner rather than later may be to write a few messages and wall posts to get the lowdown.

Ok, I’m signed up and planning to attend.  What now?

  1. Print off the campsite/hotel/campground information (we email this to people once they’ve paid and/or registered)
  2. Print the first two days’ (entirely optional) crag itinerary (we email this to people once they’ve paid and/or registered)
  3. Print our guide to the area, if we’ve written one
  4. For those of you who desire to hit the ground running in terms of our cultural vibe, review the required reading list
  5. You might check our ’bout to hit it checklist, a Leviathan list of potential stuff to bring, in case you want to eliminate any doubt that you’ve thought of and brought everything

HC at the Lake Las Vegas Ritz-Carlton

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