Private Page for Registered Attendees

Download the itinerary by following this link:

Download the maps by clicking this link:

Guidebooks available upon arrival

When you arrive in town, I encourage you to pick up a copy of the New’s climbing guidebook at Water Stone Outdoors in downtown Fayetteville.  Water Stone produced a special video for the convention, viewable here:

One More Thing…

Obviously, this is a publicly accessible page–what did you think this was, a CIA meeting?

But before you send this around to your unregistered friends, not registering puts you in danger of getting kicked out, and registration is easy–so if your friends haven’t registered yet, do it already!  Or if this link was forwarded to you and YOU haven’t registered by July 20, you need to register AND shoot an e-mail to with a working phone number.  Late registrations are perfectly fine, but don’t forget the eligibility requirements!

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