2015 Convention

Click here to register for the 2015 convention.

Details about the July 15-19, 2015 Homoclimbtastic convention will be posted here as they become available.

UPDATED: Eligibility Requirements to Attend the HC Convention

How to Attend


Fill out the registration form.  There’s no deposit, and you can fill it out even if you’re not sure if you’re coming.  Make sure you see the confirmation page–if you don’t fill out all the required questions, it’ll take you back to the form, and the unfilled, required questions will be highlighted in red.  If we run out of space for anything… people who registered earlier win.  Even if you’re a maybe, click that link and register.


If you’re just camping, bring your cash with you to the campground and pay there. If you want a cabin, indicate that on the registration form, and we’ll send you the phone number to call (it’s a cell number, so we can’t just put it out there). Cabins were booked up completely about three months ahead of the convention last year. So… if you need one, book early.

Then What?

Expect to get an e-mail from me (C-Pow) within a week or two.  If you don’t get one, shoot me an e-mail.

About the Accommodations

If you’re interested in a cabin, check out the page listing the options with a roof, and note that the on-site cabins are the bungalows, the Deluxe Amish Cabins, the Country Cabin, and the Barn Loft-style Cabin.

About Registration

As with all HC conventions, registration is mandatory to attend ANY group activities. If you’re going to show up, or a friend is going to show up, they MUST register.  We depend on the registration system for predicting crowd size and managing contact and emergency information (even the dictators register).


July 15-19, 2015 Wednesday night through Sunday.  Events are planned all day Thursday through Sunday, so if you want a full night’s sleep, arriving Wednesday night and departing Monday morning is the easiest.

If you need to drop one day, departing Sunday morning is your best option, since we take a group photo Sunday morning.  If you need to drop two days, arrive Thursday night and depart late Sunday morning.  That will give you the most of the HC bonanza.


Fayetteville, West Virginia will once again be playing host to this year’s convention.  Climbing will be throughout the region, including the New River Gorge proper, the Meadow River area, and Summersville Lake.

Climbing Difficulty

The difficulty of the route grades has been the most ominous, fear-inducing aspect of our conventions, but this has probably caused more a great deal more anxiety than is warranted.  If you have excellent lead belaying skills, and can clean a route, it shouldn’t be a problem to find someone to haul your butt up a 5.9 on top-rope.

As far as technical skill, an HC convention is not the place to show up alone to learn outdoor climbing–if you’re not an experienced outdoor climber, you’ll need to bring someone with you who is.  Climbing in the gym, even if extensive and includes lead climbing, is not sufficient.


Based on prior years’ attendance, we are planning for roughly one hundred participants.


We’re having similar activities as in prior years.  That includes group dinners/breakfasts, foil food pits, and of course, climbing.  We’re kiboshing the costume contest–people liked it, but it’s a headache for the organizers.

Typically, at least one small group schedules a rafting trip.

Climbers will climb together on some days, and split off on other days into trad parties, advanced sport groups, and moderate sport groups.  Of course, you’re a free agent, and there are no fees for attending an HC convention.  So you can go wherever you want if our itinerary doesn’t do it for you.  (Generally, however, the vast majority stick to the itinerary because it builds in so much flexibility already.)


C-Pow, whose e-mail is Chris (at symbol goes here) homoclimbtastic.com.

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