Connor, bears, news, oh my!

This is my first blog entry on Homo Climbtastic, so I’ll take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I’m Connor, and I climb gay rocks, er, um, I’m a gay cock climber, damn, I’m a gay rock climber, there, nailed it.  I’m other things too, which is why I’ve always had a hard time with labels.  So in reality, I’m just Connor, and you can call me anything you like (but people usually stick to Connor, because I’m also a gay mixed martial arts expert).  More on me in the future.  Mike (check the ambassadors section) and I (mostly Mike) started Flame and Flash, San Francisco’s Bay Area LGBT Climbing Club, after his trip to Homoclimbtastic ’09.  And we have three things to share with the larger Homoclimbtastic audience; no, not our combined number of balls this time, but real news-worthy news:

Nick and Steven

So do you remember when you were a kid, and barbie was your hero?  (Or GI Joe if you’re a top or a lesbian).  I had that same feeling today.  Twice.

Who's up for sloppy second and third?

Nick and Steven, two of our Flame and Flashers went to Cologne, Germany for the 8th Gay Games.  They both competed in the Sport Climbing Competition and won Silver and Bronze respectively!  That’s right, Flame and Flash has gay medalists (medalistSSSSS, that’s two motha fuckas, count’em) and we couldn’t be more proud.  Well, I guess we could, but one of them will get gold next year, at which point we will be more proud. Either way, they trained their asses off, which in Nick’s case meant trying to quit drinking and making it almost a whole week, and in Steven’s meant going on National TV and dancing on a wall.  These boys deserve our recognition, so next time you see them, give them a pat on the back, or a handjob, because they’ve earned it.  Next year, I hope to see some of our ladies up on that podium!

Labor Day Weekend

As many of you know, Labor Day is approaching faster than the train that Nick and Steven are likely running on some Germans right now.  And we, Flame and Flash along with LA’s LGBT climbing group, Top Out Rock Bottoms, are working our waxed asses off to bring you the most FlamingTop-and-FlashyBottom-Filled event ever!

So read up, show up, and bring a dress (or camo-cargo-shorts if your a lesbian).  Post questions on the event wall, or email one of the event admins.

Knee Pads

Finally, “You’re getting knee pads!”  No wait, I mean tanks.  Mike has designed, and WE have ordered (that’s right, I do shit too) our new Flame and Flash tanks!  As if your swishy climbing style wasn’t enough, the next time you flash a hetro’s project, you won’t have to say shit, because the gayest tank top ever will practically scream “I’m here, I’m queer, and I flashed your goddamned project.”  The tank might also ask said hetro to have sex with you, because these tanks have a mind of their own, and let’s face it, you wanted to ask but don’t have the balls.

Flame and Flash tank back graphic.

And BTW, you’re all going to look damn sexy in them.  What’s that you say? $15 each for a tank that will convert hetros? What a bargain!  We’ll announce when we receive them, and we’ll bring them to our FnF meetings.  If you believe in god, and he prevents you from coming to an FnF meeting, you can still get your hands on one by asking nicely.  Supplies are limited, so suck it in!

I’m hard on, get me off.

Thank you! And some other stuff…

Kelly: You're getting kneepads

This is the post-convention email authored by dictator Kelly, copied here in case it didn’t make it to your inbox…  -Row-row


Well it’s been a couple of days, and the afterglow has faded to reveal full-blown PCTD (Post-Climbing Trip Depression). Your benevolent dictators (who just can’t seem to let it go) needed closure, and so we settled on constructing this light-hearted novella that may or may not be raping your inbox even as you read this.

The world’s largest queer climbing convention happened in July 2010, and you were there! The most important thing we can tell you is this: You made history. Or herstory. Mostly ourstory. You all showed up, sometimes alone, to be a part of a climbing community that we hope will live well beyond this weekend. For bravely being yourselves, we say “THANK YOU!!!!” For coming out of the gear closet, strapping on a harness, and yelling at the top of your lungs “On Beyonce!” we salute you all. And for our allies, for the people who came out with us and showed us that straight (and straight-ish) people can be totally gay, too, special hugs & kisses but not like that ’cause we know you don’t swing that way. Sober. Maybe after a 6-pack, but that’s neither hither nor thither.

So what’s next? Well, several things, thank you for asking.

A) CRUX of New York is organizing a FABULOUS Queer Takeover of Rumney in September (9/3-9/6 2010). Details at Jon M is organizing a carpool from Boston, which seems to be the best port-of-entry (heeheehee) for those of us who don’t live on the East Coast. Rumney’s reputation as a premier sport-climbing destination along with the amazing people at CRUX’s involvement conspire to make this trip a must for any queer climber.

B) Dixie Dyno’mos are considering a trip to HP40 in November/December time-frame, depending on level of interest. For more information, contact Alex Rowland. Located in North East Alabama, HP40 is one of the nation’s premier bouldering hot-spots, and the November/December time-frame means perfect temps for maximum friction….mmmmm, juicy.

If you’d like to be a part of organizing a trip or would like to organize your own local queer climbing club, please contact us at dictators (at symbol) and let us know…we’ll support you in any way possible. No, not like Dina Lohan support…we’re talking genuine moral support & experience.

GIRL…there are some change in the works. A quick visit to will reveal a new site layout, streamlined logo, and the addition of a climbing blog. Why, you may ask? Why the fuck not? The important question is this: Do you have what it takes to write on HC’s blog? If so, email us & let us know what you’d like to do!

Also, we’re doing a mini survey to do a quick check-in that we’re not f*cking things up. So please feel free to take the time and tell us the good, the bad, and how big it was.
Link is here:

High-Rez Photo Sharing
So we know there has been some Facebook connections and tagging orgy-ness going on. But in order to share the High-Rex images, CJB has set up a microsite where we can share the REAL photo files. This means we can print poster size images of our most ridiculous moments. Instructions are as follows:

Go to
There are a couple ways to upload to the server.
Option 1: Add yourself
1 – Go to the server, then register yourself.
2 – Accept the link that is emailed to you and set your password then login
3 – Click on the “hcc2010” Album
4 – Create a new album
– Click “Add” -> “Album”
– Name the album your FULL NAME
5 – Click on that ablum to enter it
6 – Click on the “Add Photos” link.
7 – Click “Select Photos…”
8 – Select your photos and click add.
– I’d suggest doing this in groups of 50-100 photos at a time, just in case there is a problem
Option 2: FTP
1 – Add all your photos to a ZIP/TAR/GZ with YOUR FULL NAME… IE: “JohnSmith.Zip”
2 – Open your FTP client and point it at the server.
3 – There’s a username and password, but we can’t put it in the public blog, so email us if you want to do it this way
4 – Upload the file
5 – Your file will be processed by an administrator over the next few days.

If you’ve already uploaded photos to Facebook, no worries! The only thing we ask is if you can take a minute or two and add them to the Group photo pool. Feel free to also add them to each cities’ respective group pool.
You can see the photo pool here:

We hope you enjoyed the July trip as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next queer climbing event!

Love, Hugs, and Hand-jobs,
Alex Rowland
Alex Chavez
Christy Stanley
Jon M
Rio Paolo
Kelly Gray
Chris Powell
Rob Upton (in absentia…but always remembered)