Rowland, Matt, and Laurie appearing live on WRFG 89.3 Atlanta on Tuesday, August 17, 7:00pm EST

Betty Couvertier of Alternative Perspectives

That’s 7:00pm EST.  If you’re not in Atlanta, tune in at the station’s web site for the live stream.  Me, Matt, and Laurie will be the interview subjects for Tuesday’s episode of Alternative Perspectives, hosted by Betty Couvertier.  We will be discussing Homo Climbtastic, the Dixie Dyno’mos, Proposition 8, women in climbing, and my letter to Nathan Deal.  The program begins with news headlines, so the interview will begin at about 7:15 and finish at 8:00pm.

HC featured on Towleroad, ProjectQAtlanta, ClimbingNarc

Whenever I post about HC getting posted about elsewhere, I think of a This Modern World cartoon where one of the characters says, “I’m blogging your blog!” There’s something vaguely disturbing about blogging about getting blogged elsewhere, like pointing two mirrors at each other. But more than I am disturbed, I enjoy basking in our notoriety! Woooo!

We got about 7,000 hits after my trip report was mentioned on Towleroad.

Matt Hennie of ProjectQAtlanta found great enjoyment in my letter to Nathan Deal, who just (gag) won the Republican primary.

And we got a nod from