Kelly Young Gray

Aliases: Sexas, Kelly Anne

Title: Texas monkey shit

Location: Austin, Texas

Facebook: profile

Email: kelly (you know what goes here so I ain’t gonna’ tell you ’cause if you that ignunt you best get off the internets right now before I call your Momma’ and tell her what you been doin’)

Profile: Kelly is the founder of GLAM, the LGBT climbing group in Austin, Texas. I think the fact that Kelly is the voice of reason in the Homo Climbtastic organization is proof that we’re fucked. Nevertheless, Kelly’s providence to avoid criminal trespass, slipping roofies to straight boys, and forgetting to put on a condom before blacking out has kept HomoClimbtastic members jail, death, and STI free; assuming you don’t count probation, scabies, or visiting the ghost of Brittany Murphy while high on Ativan. Thanks for being a friend Kelly.

Kelly at Big Bend

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