Chris Powell

Aliases: C-Pow

Title: The Douser, Peanut Butter Jelly Factory, Rowland’s Right Hand

E-mail: Chris (at symbol goes here)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Profile: “I wanted Chris to help me with this site but he was so exhausted from the Benny Benassi rave that he stayed home and didn’t respond to any of my texts. Thus, I feel this allows me to say anything I want about Chris. but I won’t, because he knows a lot more about me than I know about him. For example, Chris knows about virtually every boy i’ve slept with, often because he was there too.”

Alex really could say anything he wanted about me, and it would probably be true and justified… and I’d be ok with that.  He taught me everything I know about rock climbing and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for him… and Benny Benassi raves.  Aside from all that, though, I’m a menswear stylist and fashion show producer who designs bow ties and men’s fashion accessories for a living. If you like bow ties, check out Atlanta Beaus and be social here and here. Wanna stereotype some more?  I also kayak, teach yoga and aerobics, style brides in wedding gowns, and play the oboe.  How ’bout them apples. I live in Atlanta and I love it.  Have a question?  Email me, Facebook me, Instagram me, or tweet me: @homoclimbtastic @atlantabeaus @chrisavret.


Chavez belaying Chris after a fall, from the very first HC trip

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