Alex Rowland

Aliases: Ra-ra, Row-row

Title: Formerly despotic ruler, still from the Dirty Dirty

Location: Milton, Georgia

Facebook: Profile

Email: Rowland (at symbol goes here)

Profile: Alex learned how to belay from a woman named Carolina in a nearby YMCA in 2002, and climbed indoors for an embarrassingly long time before learning how to climb outside from a Swiss man named Dinu in 2004.  He is a total toprope whore because he is a wussy sissy baby, but when in a good mood will take several whippers without flinching, a characteristic that neither he nor anyone else understands.  Rowland is the founder of HC and works as an attorney in Georgia.

Rowland clipping on Apollo Reed which he may never send but dreams of sending in drag cause that would be like super awesome.

Alex at the Vandalian

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