Get Ready for the 2018 Convention!


We’ll be convening at Cantrell’s in Fayetteville, West Virginia from July 19-22! Registration for this year’s convention will be open soon (bear with us, we’re having to redesign and retool the registration process, which is proving more time-consuming than we’d hoped).

In the meantime, check out our convention eligibility requirements and the comprehensive and oh-so-handy ‘Bout to Hit It Checklist if you need a handle on what to pack for a long weekend of lake-swimming, bonfire-hopping, and sending the gnar (or at least trying to) in the New River Gorge.

If you haven’t been to the New before, start scoping routes on Mountain Project, and know that there will be a large HC contingent at moderate-heavy crags like Orange Oswald, Sandstonia, and Zero Buttress.

The Saturday Night Live Auction/Drag Show/Dance Party will be back in full effect this year, so start saving your dollars for tipping queens and bidding on rad gear from Organic, La Sportiva, Butora, Sterling Ropes, Adidas Terrex, and more!

If you’ve got any questions, post them on our Facebook group or email me (Hilary) at!

Get your unicorn floaties in order and start planning your carpool down to (wild, wonderful) Fayetteville! See y’all soon!

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