Help expand our social media dominance!

Several new Facebook fan pages have appeared on the Facebook horizon–and we hope you’ll click that “like” button on all of them, because, well, it’s how we expand our marketing reach to people who are as fun (read:crazy) and interesting (read:fucked up) as you are (read: maybe not you, if you’re banned).

First off, we have our very own Facebook page now.  Click over to it and click the like button and receive 15% off nothing, because we don’t sell anything.  But I’ll like you more, and that’s worth something!  I do update the page about the existence of the blog posts though, which will keep you apprised of this blog, which you apparently read.

Second: CRUX now has a Facekbook page.  Perhaps you’re thinking, “well I don’t live near New York.”  But this isn’t about location, this is about social media domination of the world.  In terms of using almost no time to increase the impact of all the dogged work of the LGBTQ climbing leaders, it’s a big thing to us.  So like ’em all, and hit the “unsubscribe” button if you don’t want us showing up on your wall, but Like us nonetheless.  We work hard 4 u 4 no money!  So if you’re taking advantage of the million different coordinating things we do throughout the year, hit the like button on all our pages, regardless of where you are or which club you’re involved with.  We also see/love/appreciate links on your Facebook walls, and we do reach a lot of new people that way.

Third: And I have to tout this one because of my personal connection, the South is getting a new, preeminent local climbing group: Southern Rox.


If you’re thinking that’s the kind of logo that could only be the result of me being high on Lunesta, that’s because it is.  Yay Lunesta!  The club is being started by Jonathan O’Neill, Susan, Laurie, me, and my brother Nate, all of whom have appeared as characters in earlier blog posts.

Southern Rox won’t kick up for real until after the convention, but we couldn’t avoid letting the cat out of the bag, so you’ll see some blog posts about it in the next few days.

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