The HC Tee: Dream becomes reality… or reali-tee, as it were

The back of the HC 2012 tee.

Well, now we’ve done it.

The front of the HC 2012 tee.

We now have a t-shirt.

Thanks to the efforts of designer Gordon Machavok (his design web site is here) and Madaleine Sorkin (her climbing blog is here) you’ll be able to purchase at the HC 2012 convention, for $20, SUPER AWESOME HC 2012 CONVENTION TEES!

The colors will be silver for the men and grey for the women.  OK so I don’t know what the difference is between silver and grey on a t-shirt, but it doesn’t matter, because both shirts are going to make you look sexy as hell.

You might want to consider telling Madaleine if you’re buying eight of them, because she’s only running a limited number based on the registrations we have.  Which reminds me, go register already!  The link is up on the top right of this page.

T-shirts wooo!

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