Red Day 3

Laurie has a lot of engineering to do, whereas I… don’t, so I’m just doing the blog every day thing.

I consumed all of the bandwidth at Miguel's for like five minutes uploading these. I looked around to see if anyone was cursing about not being able to downgrade climbs on 8a, but the only thing screaming was a small infant, and fortunately she wasn't able to verbalize her anger that I was fucking with her wifi speed. But I swear she was looking straight at me.

Last night we met some more giblets, which is my new catchphrase for people who fit somewhere into the GBLT stratosphere.  I’ve been thinking it in my head for years now, so maybe it’ll catch on.  It involved a humorous scene in which a bunch of queer people walked in and we mistakenly stole a table from queer group 2 not realizing that they weren’t affiliated with queer group 1, and they obviously took umbrage with us, queer group 3, for thinking that they/we all look alike.

Today’s excitement was not my poor performance at the Chocolate Factory, or that we think we saw some famous French climbers, but rather the drama of the road leading to the parking lot of Pendergrass falling out.  Which effectively trapped all of the climbers who got up early to get there before everyone else, which, I have to be honest, kind of makes me laugh.

If you'd slept in, you wouldn't be trapped over there.

Fortunately for the stranded climbers up yonder, there was a guy with a backhoe able to patch up the road by dragging a big old rusted metal tube over and spreading dirt on top of it.

I should have been a construction worker.

Laurie was trying to estimate in her head how long it would take for the tube to collapse and she was saying words I didn’t understand.  It made me wonder how many roads and bridges I’ve ridden over that were supported by fragile platforms only barely suspending me above catastrophe like a rock on wet toilet paper.


My feet were killing me because I spent the last two days climbing in my three-sizes-down Shammys and Katanas, so I went ahead and bought a pair of half-sized-up Evolv Defys.  They fit like loafers, and I’m pretty sure it was a great purchase cause I can also use them to go jogging.  Also I can fit socks in them.  I’m tired of living like a geisha.  From now on it’s comfort style climbing, and if I can figure out how to attach a martini shaker to my harness, I’m totally doing it.  Also I’m buying white belay gloves.

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