Laurie and Alex on the way to Kentucky


Laurie and i are on the way to the red.

We’ve already listened to alanis morisette’s version of “crazy” ten times, so we’re figuring out what to do with the next four hours. Scheduled arrival time: 3 am.


We ate at bojangles in a small georgia town, and the gay shift manager gave us extra chicken.

“Because gays like chicken.” -Laurie

Coco rosie seems to coalesce with the dashed highway lines.

“How is knoxville still 52 miles away? That is ridiculous.” -Laurie

Me and Laurie have been debating which motorcycle she should buy, and I’m trying to talk her out of the Ninja 250. Also we’re happy that we have a reason to wear skin tight leather pants outside of san francisco.

Laurie mentions in passing that we’ve been climbing together for three years, and suddenly i think to myself i didnt realize it had been that long, and this makes me happy.

Knoxville is now 40 miles away.

I make a note to text laurie the songs ive played that she liked, so far goldfrapp, the pipettes, and tokyo.

An exit with candy is imminent.

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