A Press Release Only a Mother Could Love…

Betcha ya don’t read press releases like this everyday…

“On Bel-Heeyyyyy!”: GLBT Rock Climbers Head to Bishop

Homo Climbtastic (national group for gay rock climbers blah blah blah) is excited to land in Bishop in April for a 4-day trip. Two of California’s local GLBT climbing clubs, the Bay Area’s Flame ‘n’ Flash and the L.A. Heel Hookers, make frequent outings to the climbing lands of Bishop, but this time we’re welcoming our members from all over the country (well, including Canada, countries) to join up – north of 70 so far. There are hardcore boulderers and sport climbing addicts among us so we’ll be spreading out to the Milks, the Happies, the Sads and the Gorge based on poison picked. The trip dates are April 14-18 and we’re psyched to kick it and send it with the Bishop climbing community out there on the rock! If you’re trying to find us, just look for the group of climbers who sound like a series of outtakes from The L Word or Will and Grace.

Homo Climbtastic is a two-year old group, wrangled through Facebook and started in Georgia by climber and gay extraordinaire Alex Rowland. We’ve had a number of big national trips including last summer’s extravaganza at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. More than 60 homo climbers and friends showed up then, the biggest gathering of gay lady and man (and lady-man) climbers ever. Though come April, probably not anymore.

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